cerealuser2222222 web space place

i forgot what i was going to put here ummmmmmmmmmm

i'll just cram a bunch of random crap here.

here's the site todo list:

[started recording this from 5.21.2021]

- make the todo list
- add a QnA section
- program the dark halls
- add mail to the front page
- edit the cat page
- make a crappy game maker 8 game for the downloads section
- allow sorting the midis by rating
- add a secret
- add a links page
- add a site button
- add a guestbook

here's the downloads section, it's pretty sick:

click on the ball thingy to download the things
my personal favorite item(s) are/is: 3

copperplate.otf - the font used in this site
bestsoundeffectever.wav - you won't regret downloading this
meatwadsprite_ding_dong_song.mp3 - a song i made using videogame dunkey's voice
Dunk.sf2 - the soundfont I made to make the meatwadsprite song
ikachan_cursors.zip - a collection of ikachan cursors i made
death.mp3 - some weird audio distortion i did
magik.wav - a magic-y sound effect. It's more weird than pleasant to listen to.
dusk.mp3 - dusk.mid using the 2MGM soundfont