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i just wanted to say to you all. if you need the paper you should.

a cautarionary tale of wha happens when you bring paper to go.
relean Feb 24 2022
Paepur Shomelo - vocals, paper to go;ing
ceraeluser22222222 - drums, vocals, instrumentals


*pxTone Instrumental*
*beatboxing paeupr shoemlo*

can you hear me?
ok sick.

paper to go
paper to go
when you um go to go....
if you need paper you should take it so you have the paper to go
if you
need paper to go on a trip
you should take that paper to go

Paepur Shomelo:
paper to go
paper to go yeah
paper going, it's gone

*crowd cheering*

yay, thank you, thank you so much

cerealuser22222222 (as crowd member):
thank you, thank you paperband for making the song

Paepur Shomelo:
yeah thank you

cerealuser22222222 (as crowd member):
um it was very good it taught me to bring paper to go

Paepur Shomelo:
yeah thank you ??? paper ??? paper
paper paper, going it's gone

cerealuser22222222 (as crowd member):
so when ??? i can have it ???
and i would like to thank the community and everyone else who realized

Paepur Shomelo:
omg omg emergency no

unknown crowd member:

Paepur Shomelo:

unknown crowd member:

*unknown material crumpling*

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