i just asked myself some questions and then answered them over here.

if you want to ask me something though, email me and you can tell me whether or not you want it to appear here.


q: why did you make this section?
a: i forgot by the time i got around to making it

q: what do you use for text editing?
a: notepad++

q: what do you use to make midis?
a: i use cakewalk pro audio 9 for the programming, virtualmidisynth for applying soundfonts, and viena for making soundfonts

q: why is your username cerealuser2222222?
a: i tried to come up with something dumb and thought of cereal, then i added a bunch of 2s to make it disorienting

q: where did you get the images for this site?
a: the gifs are from gifcities.org, and the wood background is a texture from doom II. the dummy being attacked at the top of each page is gameplay from thief: the dark project, which i recorded.

q: what was your inspiration for the site design?
a: it was the old spacejam website because of its links being positioned all over the place instead of just horizontally or vertically

q: what do you use to edit the gifs on the site?
a: i use aseprite, and sometimes piskel, but not all of the time, because it's laggy and doesn't support many colors.

q: why is your pfp the dummy from thief: the dark project?
a: i thought it looked kind of funny idk

q: why are all of the things you make so trash?
a: because trash is fun to make


none, what were you expecting? nobody on neocities talks to each other through email