The account system of thosetools is a joke, but it's functional.
Users are shown in the users page and can post in the chat page.

Users are identified by the email they used to request an account with.

Fill out this form to register a thosetools account (free):
Read the guidelines before registering an account.

You are REQUIRED to input a screen name, the rest is OPTIONAL.

None of this info needs to (or should) be accurate.

*screen name:
message on ur profile: example: i eat food
web site:
things you like: example:
things you dislike:
age and gender: example: 3, male
song name: (?) example: Exordium by wind96
yt video id: (?) example: AMYBWlYmKTY

Thosetools accounts can include music on their profiles.

This field is for the name of the song used.

Music is played through youtube embeds.
This field holds the youtube video id for the youtube video of the profile music.

If I wanted to use this music on my profile, I would input all of the characters in the URL from right to left until "=" is reached.

In this case, those characters would be AMYBWlYmKTY. is used to host images for profiles on thosetools.

Profile pictures must be 100x100 pixels or lower, and not contain nudity or offensive or violent content. If you don't follow these rules, you'll have the default profile picture.

To use a profile picture, upload an image to Imgur. Open the uploaded image in a new tab, and input the filename of the image.

If the URL of my image was, the filename I would input would be fKZvdVB.png (this is the default pfp).

(if you don't know which to pick, choose this)

Your account/poasts won't be made unless I see your email and update the site.
(The emails are generated in a way that lets me update them fast)

Email this to
You will be identified in other text boxes by the email you use to send this.

If you want to edit your account details to what you've input, send this email but change the subject to "$AEDIT".

Also um attach a jpg, png, or gif image to use a profile picture, 100x100 resolution max